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Traction Bars are a MUST HAVE if you have any performance upgrades or tuning done to your truck. Keeping your rear axle in place  is necessary for maintaining control of your vehicle as well as preventing driveline failures such as broken u-joints, twisted driveshafts and shredded pinion gears.

Outlaw Fab Traction Bars for 2011-2019 Chevy/GMC 2500HD and 3500HD trucks provide superior quality with many options to customize your set including custom faceplates (found on the shop Chevy/GMC page) as well as many powder coat options with the ability to enter any custom color you can find on PRISMATIC POWDERS website. All skeletonized traction bars come with faceplates on both sides (no cutting corners). Each kit is designed to specifically fit your cab and bed combo, no need to worry about fitment issues or having to modify your truck to "make it work".


Outlaw Fab Skeletonized Traction Bars Include:

  • 2- Skeletonized Traction Bars (includes faceplates)
  • 2- Bolt-on Axle Mounts
  • Left & Right Frame Brackets (includes faceplates)
  • Grade 8 Mounting Hardware
  • 2- Poly Bushings
  • 2- 7/8" Heim Joints with Jam Nuts and Small Tube Of Antiseize 


** 8 holes will have to be drilled to mount the frame brackets**


11-19 GM 2500/3500HD Skeletonized Traction Bars



-Our products are made to order, and specifically to fit your vehicle and to match your options. For this reason ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once the order is placed there is absolutely no refunds.

-Free shipping applies to lower 48 states ONLY - Contact us for shipping options to Alaska and Hawaii 

*Lead times subject to change with or without notice*

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