Outlaw Fab Traction Bars are designed and manufactured to be rigid, easy to install, and built to take all the abuse your Dodge can throw at it! All while giving your truck an eye catching, show appearance everyone is going to love!



- Easy to install, bolt on design (Must drill (8) 1/2" holes in frame to install frame brackets)

- Preload Adjustable design enables you to increase or decrease tension on your rear axle for fine tuning your launches at the track

- Dramatically reduce axle wrap and decrease wear on driveline components

- Better/Smoother ride quality with increased control 

- Quicker launches and transmission shifts

- 1/4" thick American steel constructed axle and frame brackets

- CNC LASER cut for unmatched quality as opposed to plasma cutting which can leave rough edges and poor tolerances




(2) - Bolt On Axle Brackets - unbolt your factory U-bolt saddle located under your axle and replace it with our traction bar axle brackets.

(2) - Frame Brackets - Our frame brackets are designed to fit your specific cab/bed combination.

(2) - Outlaw Fab Logo Faceplates - For the frame brackets

(2) - Preload Adjustable Traction Bars -  Long beefy traction bars will deliver the power where the power is needed. With the Hex end of the traction bar towards the front, you can turn the bar counter-clockwise with a wrench to increase tension or turn it clockwise to decrease tension (remember to loosen the jam nuts first)

(2) - Left Hand Thread Heim Joints - 7/8x3/4 LH heim joints goes into the hex end of the bar

(2) - Right Hand Thread Heim Joints - 7/8x3/4 RH heim joints goes into the round end of the bar

(2) - LH Jam Nuts

(2) - RH Jam Nuts

(4) - High Misalignment Spacers

- All Grade 8 Hardware Needed To Install The Kit

94-02 RAM 2500/3500 Traction Bars

Cab/Bed Length
Powder Coat Color

  • - Full warrenty on all Outlaw Fab products. (Does NOT cover wearable parts)

    - All sales are final

    - Lead times vary from 2-8 weeks.

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