-¼” Thick, CNC laser cut and bent mounting brackets. (Thicker than most companies)

-Bolt on mounting brackets (no welding required)

-1.75” Steel tubing with .25” wall

-⅞” Thread heim joints made of 4130 Chromoly with a ¾” bore ball made of 51200 bearing steel. Injection molded Teflon impregnated Nylon races.

-Frame mounts are fitted to specific frame, not just a L shaped bracket for boxed frames.

-All grade 8 mounting hardware included.



Performance Upgrade:
All our traction bars come with a 7/8x3/4 heim joint in the rear but we give the option to do a standard poly bushing in the front or our “Performance Upgrade” which is a Left hand heim joint mounted in a hex insert. The performance upgrade bars are a great way to adjust preload on the bars without removing them, simply loosen the jam nuts and using a 1.25” wrench, tighten or loosen the traction bars. (Great upgrade for drag racing or sled pulling)


Unlike coil spring or air bag suspension, leaf spring suspensions don’t come with any links or radius arms to keep the axle in place, therefore allowing the axle to float and hop under rapid acceleration, or shutter when you let off the throttle which could lead to some serious problems such as u-joint failure, damaged driveshaft yokes and premature suspension wear.


Lifted Trucks:

When you increase the distance between your axle and frame mounting points, this DRAMATICALLY INCREASES the leverage your axle has on your springs. Think about it this way, if you’re pulling on a wrench that's 1 foot long you have to really work to get a nut loose. Now if you have a 3 foot breaker bar, and pull on the end of that it’s a piece of cake. Same goes for your suspension, the more lift you have means the more leverage your axle has on bending your springs. Not only will it save your suspension but you will definitely notice a SMOOTHER RIDE in your truck. 



When you put a load behind your leaf sprung truck, the load reacts to the terrain which you’re driving on. If you’re in open, flat land it might not be as noticeable but if you haul in hill country or even places with a lot of turning, stopping, going, your load is constantly tugging and pushing on your suspension, especially under heavy acceleration. A leaf spring suspension is NOT DESIGNED to move forward/backward, only up and down. Having traction bars will prevent the unwanted horizontal motion and only allow the suspension to travel as it should.

01-10 Chevy 2500/3500 HD Traction Bars

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Powder Coat Color
Performance Upgrade

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